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Women Entrepreneurs Round Table Sessions

Hi, we would like to invite you to join our new initiative "Women Entrepreneurs RoundTable (WER)" where women entrepreneurs like yourself will meet on a weekly basis to discover the latest business trend from other practitioners not theorists, identify what's working so that you can leave behind what's not working, and network with other like minded women entrepreneurs in this community.

In short, you will become a true go-giver by contributing your ideas and an excellent receiver within this community.

So, why do I initiate this new initiative?

Quite frankly, I have been thinking how best I can support my community of mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs in their businesses. I tested Clubhouse but not everyone is in Clubhouse. I tried Facebook Group but the level of engagement falls short of my expectation.

What else can I do?

That's why I am inviting you to join WER, and you will have the opportunity to join our weekly 60-minute Zoom call every Thursday at 9PM, SGT/UTC+8 or EST 9AM

Here's Why You Want To Reserve Your Spot and be a part of this WER!

  • High Level Guests (Experts in all fields on this call)
    Proven Business Strategies (You'll walk away with gold nuggets)
    Stay Up-To-Date (Always know what's happening in the community
    Hot Seats! (Feel free to put the guest speaker in the hot seat)
    Questions Answered (Anything you are not sure of regarding business or marketing you're able to get an answer)
    Live Cameras (We will all have our cameras on)
    100 Camera Spots (We have 100 spots available for camera spots.)
    Open Mic Sessions (Yes, you will have an opportunity to speak on these calls!)
  • So how do we do this is that we all hop on zoom with our camera on and we go around the room, we ask and we answer any questions anyone has about marketing, sales, business, processes, the strategies, systems, softwares and etc.

Basically any questions that you have about your business.

We believe that there will be someone in the roundtable that will have the answer.

By the way, we know you may not be available every week. By joining WER, you will have access to the replays of all the sessions in our private membership site.

We would like to invite you to join our Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable telegram group chat so that you can update on our weekly Roundtable sessions and you are welcome to invite your women entrepreneurs friends to our WER telegram group.

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We will see you on the inside!

From your greatest supporter and cheerleader,

Kenneth Choo

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