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Join the Women Changemakers Network to gain access to global leaders and influencers, learn from successful women in business, be inspired by their values of growth and impact on society.

As a member you're entitled to enjoy these benefits:

  • Gain access to a worldwide network of women changemakers
  • Connect with global leaders and learn from their insights
  • Promote collaboration and inclusion around the world
  • Develop skills for leadership, public speaking, influencing people, strategy - really anything you want!
  • Learn from the values of successful women in business
  • Be inspired to grow your business and have a positive impact on the world and others around you
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The WCN provides membership opportunities to both individuals and groups (organizations). The approach of the network focuses on women empowerment & development worldwide and providing networking solutions for individual changemakers-women entrepreneurs/business professionals who are united to achieve their goals through collaborative efforts with other changemakers across the globe.

Achieving success requires that we use our knowledge and resources effectively and efficiently; together we can do so much more! Through the WCN members gain access to topics that are vital to growing their businesses and creative ideas that will help them reach achievement of their goals.

Women changemakers can collaborate, learn and benefit from one another. As a community of more than 13,000 women changemakers, we are leading a movement that brings together women from all over the world, in order to help them be more successful and have a positive impact on the lives of others around them.